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Trazzo is a resin bounded stone-coat, which contains 75% of natural minerals, based on the classical terrazzo.
The surface is grinded and polished with diamand tools.
We achieve a minimum thickness of 6mm.
We use granulates up to 16mm
Unlike polished concrete or traditional terrazzo, Trazzo does not need control joints to provide minimise cracking of the surface.
This attractive, sleek and low maintenance product is versatile, light and durable, offering the option for installation in elevated floors.
Trazzo allows application on showerwalls and floors, objects and furniture.
Trazzo is made from a unique stone aggregate that is natural and organic in appearance.
Trazzo is resistant to staining, heat and chemicals, is abrasion resistant and treated with a protector for polishing and the maintenance of stone.
Trazzo is available in concrete, white and nero. A fourth is being developed and will be the classical look with mozaïk borders.


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