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Prototypes, Poch001 & Barok | Exposition

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The cover consists of 3mm ceramics (chemical resistant, reduced wear-and -tear, resistance to bending, frost, fireproof, hygienic, UV-resistant, recyclable).

The bearing structure consists of artificial foam resin, volume gains 60% in weight thanks to this cellular build.

The shape of the object was achieved by assembling the ceramics and the resin (reinforced by carbon fiber) in a single mould.

The 'Poch' receives a polyester coating on the inside.
this object (3x1x1m) weighs a mere 100 kgs.




The bearing structure of this object consists of a metallic structure, dressed with a shockproof and fire-resistant plaster plating; this volume is cemented afterwards.

The finish is tadelakt, which is an age old technique. The base is formed by chalk enriched with minerals and pigments in powderform. This material is polished wet with either river pebbles or Japanese spatulas. Thus one becomes a smooth and watertight surface, completed by a finishing soap.



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